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Classic Jelly Doughnuts

Doughnut Recipes Antonie Ziegler October 29, 2020Classic Jelly Doughnuts Doughnut Recipes Classic Jelly Doughnuts
Doughnut Recipes3-ingredient Nutella Doughnuts Doughnut Recipes 3-ingredient Nutella Doughnuts

3-ingredient Nutella Doughnuts

Directions :1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Line a baking sheet with parchment.2. Whisk 3/4 cup of the Nutella and 3 of the eggs together in a large...

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Apsel Arnold October 29, 2020

Doughnut RecipesChocolate Donuts with Coffee Glaze Doughnut Recipes Chocolate Donuts with Coffee Glaze

Chocolate Donuts with Coffee Glaze

Ingredients :Chocolate Donuts:Nonstick cooking spray, for greasing the pan1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour1 cup granulated sugar1/2 cup cocoa3/4 teaspoon kosher salt1 teaspoon baking powder1/2 teaspoon baking soda1/2 cup brewed coffee,...

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Archibald Lehmann October 29, 2020

Doughnut RecipesHomemade Glazed Doughnuts Doughnut Recipes Homemade Glazed Doughnuts

Homemade Glazed Doughnuts

Directions :1. For the doughnuts: Add the granulated sugar to the warm milk in a medium bowl, and then add the yeast. Allow it to sit until the yeast starts...

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Archimbald Schreiber October 29, 2020

Doughnut RecipesMini Banana Beignets Doughnut Recipes Mini Banana Beignets
Mini Banana Beignets

Directions :1. Heat about 2 inches vegetable oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat until a deep-fry thermometer registers 375 degrees F.2. Meanwhile, whisk the flour, baking powder, salt,...

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Are Becker October 29, 2020

Fall RecipesPumpkin Pie 3 Fall Recipes Pumpkin PiePumpkin Pie 2 Fall Recipes Pumpkin PiePumpkin Pie Fall Recipes Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Pie

Notes :*You can skip soaking the cashews if using a Vitamix Blender....

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Aric Albrecht October 29, 2020

Fall RecipesApple Crumble Pie Fall Recipes Apple Crumble PieApple Crumble Pie 2 Fall Recipes Apple Crumble Pie

Apple Crumble Pie

For the filling:3 pounds (8 medium) Granny Smith or Gala apples, peeled & thinly sliced1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice1 teaspoon vanilla2 tablespoons maple syrup1 tablespoon cornstarch...

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Arick Kraus October 29, 2020

Fall RecipesPumpkin Bars Fall Recipes Pumpkin BarsPumpkin Bars 2 Fall Recipes Pumpkin Bars

Pumpkin Bars

Notes :- if you're not vegan, you can use regular cream cheese and regular butter....

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Arleigh Schmitt October 29, 2020

Fall RecipesCinnamon Apple Crumble Fall Recipes Cinnamon Apple CrumbleCinnamon Apple Crumble 2 Fall Recipes Cinnamon Apple Crumble
Cinnamon Apple Crumble

Topping:½ cup almond flour⅓ cup all-purpose flour⅓ cup whole rolled oats⅓ cup crushed walnuts⅓ cup brown sugar or coconut sugar⅓ cup melted coconut oil½ teaspoon cinnamonHeaping ¼ teaspoon sea salt1...

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Arvin Frank October 29, 2020

Fall RecipesCinnamon Rolls Fall Recipes Cinnamon RollsCinnamon Rolls 2 Fall Recipes Cinnamon Rolls
Cinnamon Rolls

Dough:⅓ cup melted coconut oil, plus more for brushing½ cup almond milk, at room temp⅓ cup cane sugar1 teaspoon sea salt2¾ cups all-purpose flour, plus more for kneading...

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Audrick Heinrich October 29, 2020

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