Fagot, (aka My Dear Fagot), visual artist and fluid personality construct

About Fagot

Fagot, (aka My Dear Fagot), is a fluid personality construct.  At times they play the role of a multidisciplinary artist whose works primarily take the form of conversations, collaborations and constructed images. At other times they might assume a role within a particular narrative, such as when they embody Fagot Koroviev, the Security Minister of the imaginary African nation Botrovia, (within the context of the Another Leader, an ongoing project authored by Nástio Mosquito). Fagot might also assume the form of an idea, a concept or a brand even, should the need arise; equally they might evolve into a group of individuals, a crowd, their form being entirely dependent on what they deem the circumstances to require.

Fagot, whose name is a nod to Bulgakov’s eponymous, demonic choir master,  is both creator and they are created; they are real and at the same time he is fictitious. The uncertainty, this fluidity of identity engenders, is a key element of their unstable practice.